Welcome to our new website!

site development


Welcome to our new website!

The DDRC has worked hard to revamp www.ddrc.ca, making it more universally accessible, mobile-friendly, and technologically advanced.

One highlight of our redesign process included collaboration with a group of PACE client volunteers, who completed an online “scavenger hunt” to test out parts of the site and provide their feedback on the look and feel of it.  We are very grateful to these volunteers and their support workers for their invaluable feedback!

Some of the new features of this site are:

  • Dynamic listings for all of our upcoming special events,
  • A brand-new calendar for both DDRC and Learning and Leadership training courses and programs, making online registration for these programs quick and easy!

Take some time to explore our new site and let us know what you think!  You can email us at info@ddrc.ca, or use the new contact form on the Contact Us page.