Home Based Services

Service and Support in the Comfort of Home

The DDRC’s Home Based Services department offers three specialized types of support.


Integrated Living Services (ILS) offers customized home supports to adults wishing to secure living arrangements within the Calgary area. Individuals may decide to live with an Integrated Living Practitioner (ILP) in their home. Alternately, community supports that develop and maintain safe, positive, community-based living can be provided on a regular basis in the individual’s home. The goal of independence is enhanced for individuals, who report that assistance with domestic chores and money management has enriched their day-to-day life.


Comprehensive Care is committed to the provision of safe, quality respite care designed to promote the health and well-being of DDRC clients. The Agency takes pride in knowing the clients and their needs, as well as in making a positive contribution to their Quality of Life. The DDRC offers respite care and a break for families with children. Respite is also provided for adults with developmental disabilities.


Overnight Respite care provides caregivers with a break and gives clients a change in their daily routine.

Overnight Respite care is for adults, who are supported by pre-screened, trained sub-contractors who provide exceptional care in the respite provider’s home. This out-of-home respite care not only provides a break for parents/guardians, but it can also provide opportunities for clients who are thinking of moving to a more independent living situation to experience a different home environment. It can also provide new situations in which to socialize with different people, leading to a greater sense of independence, which is the ultimate goal.