Promoting community participation

The CHOICES program enhances everyday living by promoting community participation. CHOICES works to increase an individual’s overall quality of life by ensuring full and active involvement in community life. The individual may choose goals such as volunteering, civic engagement, building relationships, wellness and developing independence.


The Choices program can:

  • Assist clients to find and take part in volunteer opportunities that allow them to contribute to their communities;
  • Encourage community involvement by building lasting relationships with community members and neighbours that lead to a sense of belonging  and a more meaningful life;
  • Motivate clients to identify and access resources in their communities that promote mental and physical well-being and community inclusion; and
  • Provide strategies to assist clients to reach their goals and improve their overall quality of life.

Each year goals are set, reviewed and, if necessary, updated to ensure individuals accessing the CHOICES program are fully engaged in making decisions that impact their lives.