Career and Leisure Services

CLS stands for Career and Leisure Services which provides part-time and full time support to adults with developmental disabilities in their communities.stars-cls

CLS can:

  • Teach clients how to find the jobs they want and apply for them
  • Support clients during paid or unpaid work experiences and during paid employment when required
  • Assist clients in finding and accessing inclusive educational courses in the community
  • Assist clients with volunteer opportunities to contribute to their communities
  • Support clients to attend inclusive leisure activities in their communities to build relationships with community members and neighbours, maintaining or increasing a healthy, happy lifestyle
  • Provide Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) strategies to assist clients to reach their goals and improve their overall quality of life

CLS services are determined at a yearly planning meeting which focuses on our client as a valued member of his or her community.

For more information on CLS, please call us at 403-240-3111.