Winter Fundraising Campaign

Every year around this time, we launch our annual fundraising campaign. We choose one program at the DDRC that could be improved by the support of donors like you. In the past we have asked for funds to assist our Learning and Leadership Centre; by purchasing smart boards and resources to improve learning, it has become more accessible and fun for everyone. Last year, you helped us with our Positive Behavior Support initiative, enabling us to identify and execute better ways to assist children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Looking forward to 2016, we are asking for your support as we work toWinter-Snowman
eliminate financial roadblocks that often restrict our clients’ involvement in their communities. The DDRC’s new Ability Fund will be a resource, available to 268 individual clients, designed to remove any financial barriers to community inclusion. The Ability Fund is part of the DDRC’s mission to promote and support inclusive communities, making them more vibrant for everyone. Our staff and clients work together to identify goals and find community opportunities that improve clients’ quality of life.

Take a look at our current fundraising letter to see how you can help!



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