February Fitness

exercisechallengeThis month the DDRC is challenging clients and staff to increase their daily physical activity. We all know that regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it is not always easy to make time in our busy lives to be active.  Because exercise goals are often an important part of our client's personal goals, the challenge will provide a useful tool for clients and staff to talk about setting goals and the benefits of exercise.

Exercise doesn't always mean hitting the gym! Activities such as walking to the bus stop or playing with your kids outside are steps towards leading a more active lifestyle.

The Canada Food Guide recommends that adults exercise for at least 2.5 hours a week, so our goal is to encourage at least 100 people to log 2.5 hours for four weeks, giving us a grand total of 1000 hours by the end of the month! Did you get in your 2.5 hours this week?

The annual Winter Walk Day organized by SHAPE falls on February 8, and the DDRC will participate as part of our initiative to promote healthy living. Challenge yourself this February by logging your daily physical activity; you'd be surprised how far a few minutes of exercise each day can get you!