Daniel Kelly

After entering the PACE program, Daniel Kelly's goal was to begin a volunteer postion. Through his hard work and determination, Daniel has managed to accomplish this goal twice over by volunteering at not just one, but two locations: Holy Cross Manor, a retirement home, and the Centre Street Church.  

 Daniel began volunteering at Holy Cross Manor early in 2014. He visits with residents, joins them during their Friday dances, and helps out wherever he can around the building.

"I'm friendly and talk to people," Daniel said. "I like to tell jokes sometimes, and I make people laugh."

 His next goal is to obtain a job at the retirement home, which Community Resource Worker Josephine Flancia is confident will happen due to his dedication and commitment to every task he takes on. 

"He's always on his toes, helping and visiting. He will just work for hours without wanting to take a break," Josephine said, adding that he even wants to come in when he's feeling under the weather.

When he's not volunteering, Daniel likes to keep busy by engaging in one of his many hobbies. Daniel mentions that he loves listening to music (Nickleback is his favourite band), dancing, watching the Edmonton Oilers play, and writing.

Josephine, who often works with Daniel, believes that the high level of respect he shows to others makes it very easy for him to work with anyone. She also notes that Daniel has a willingness to learn new things each day she sees him.

Daniel said that two of the things he is most proud of since joining PACE are working on his math skills, and improving his writing. He loves dogs, especially golden retrievers, and likes to write stories about them.

"His postive attitude will definitely help him to be successful in life," Josephine said, exchanging a smile with Daniel.