John McIsaac

John McIsaacUnlike most of us, John McIsaac takes his “clowning around” seriously because he is a professional clown. “Toons the Clown” is John’s alter ego that he developed after attending a clowning school in California. John travels with the Franciscan and Friends Ministry to the Caribbean every year to participate in their music mission. The Fransciscan and Friends Ministry use music and entertainment to reach out to people with their message. Although initially John was pursuing the art of clowning independently from the mission, since 2007 “Toons the Clown” has been a regular fixture of their music mission line-up.

Both John and his home support provider with Integrated Living Services, Denis Grady, are members of the Franciscan and Friends Ministry. Together, they participate in the annual mission to the Caribbean where they tour Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the West Indies. The mission’s focus is on serving others and being sensitive to nature while also building connections between Canada and the Caribbean through music. On one of the islands that they visit there is a school for children with special needs and John always acts as the primary speaker when they are there. He was recently adopted into a family on Union Island. The money that they raise through their performances all stays within the communities that they visit, going towards things like school supplies or sports equipment for local children.

At home, when John is not performing as Toons the Clown, he is busy working and relaxing with friends and family. He has been working in outdoor maintenance for twenty years: cutting grass, pruning trees and splitting wood for camps and recreation areas. In his spare time, John plays baseball and soccer and watches sports on TV. Twenty-nine years ago John moved in to live with Denis, and he is now an uncle to Denis’ four grandchildren. John is also a percussionist with the mission’s band and his goal is to learn magic tricks so that he can add more magic to his performances.