Cayla Chaffee

Cayla ChaffeeAfter a long job search, Cayla Chaffee is happy to be an employee at Handy Luggage Sales & Service Ltd. in South East Calgary. Handy Luggage is a family based company owned by Bentley, that sells and repairs high quality luggage. Cayla works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., four days a week, helping customers and working in shipping and receiving. As a result of her work, Cayla is now knowledgeable in the specialized world of pilots, flight attendants, travel enthusiasts and other people in need of good luggage. Working at Handy Luggage, Linda Simpson, Cayla’s CRW, says that Cayla “gets the best of both worlds” doing office work, while also being able to work in sales.

Although Cayla is happily employed now, finding this job was not an easy process. Cayla decided to join the PACE program because she was feeling discouraged job hunting on her own. She had left many applications around the city without any luck. The PACE Program helped to motivate her, even when she was feeling frustrated. Linda helped Cayla broaden her job search and look into career options that she had not considered before.

Together they prepped for interviews and searched for job postings. Cayla got a position as a youth intern at the Canadian Cancer Society, but then her three month internship was over, she still couldn’t find the right permanent employer. Finally, she dropped off her resume at Handy Luggage, and as Linda explains, “she met the right person at the right time” She was soon called for interview and she began work shortly after.

Linda accompanied Cayla on her fist day to help her get settled in and see where she would be working. Cayla has now reduced her PACE support hours because she feels that she has achieved many of her goals. For Linda, a highlight of working with Cayla has been “seeing her get a job that she likes and she’s happy with.”

Cayla is continuously learning more about the merchandise that she sells so that she can expertly advise her customers. She would also like to learn more about computer work and the claims department of the company as she thinks that it would help her to develop useful skills. Cayla enjoys working with her co-workers and meeting new people. It’s not always smooth sailing in the luggage business, and there are sometimes problems with the machines or difficult customers, but as she has proven with her extraordinary determination, Cayla is up for the challenge.