Shelley Hunt

Shelley HuntIf you want to keep up with Shelley Hunt, you better have an exercise routine of your own because she extremely active! We caught up with Shelley at the Killarney Pool where she participates in their 50+ Fitness class. When asked why she joined the class, Shelley says that she likes 50+ Fitness because it “helps me get in better shape.” On top of her 50+ Fitness class, Shelley also atends the Killarney Pool’s yoga class once a week. She used to swim, but she prefers the yoga and fitness classes because she found the pool too crowded to enjoy her workout.

Through her particiption in the Killarney Pool’s recreation programs, Shelley gets to meet new people and learn new movements. In her 50+ Fitness class, they use weights, do exercises on mats and follow their instructor in movements on the floor. Shelley also does square dancing twice a week at the Kerby Centre and the Canadian Legion with a friend, and she goes bowling on Saturdays.

All of this exercising means that Shelley is “always busy,” but she likes it that way because “exercise makes me feel good.” She likes all of her fitness instructors, and she advises that, when it comes to learning a sport: “you get better as you go along, just keep trying.”

When Shelley is not pursuing her many activities she also volunteers at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. Shelley helps out by organizing stationary and sorting yarn. She has a particular interest in yarn because she is an accomplished knitter and she has made hats, leg warmers and pot holders and has given some of her knitted creations to co-workers and friends. Shelley used to work at the Gap, but she decided to retire so that she could focus more on her interests.

Viorica Radencovici, a Community Resource Worker (CRW), helps Shelley with volunteering and her fitness class, and says that “Shelley is a very hard worker.” Shelley is very independent and does her workouts by herself, but CRWs Laura Mackay and Viorica make sure that Shelley gets to all of her classes and appointments. In her down time, Shelley likes to play games on the computer and meet up with friends.