Tanice McMinis

Tanice in LondonTanice McMinis is passionate about filmmaking and animation, and lately her interests have been taking her places that she could never have imagined a few years ago. She has recently returned from her trip to England for the Oska Bright Film Festival in Brighton, UK, where her film was nominated for the Best Animation Award. “I'm baaaaaa-aaaaack!” she announced to her Calgarian coworkers and friends.

Tanice has not always been the confident woman that she is today. Before she joined the PACE (Participation in Academics and Exploration) program at the DDRC in November 2009, Tanice describes herself as having been quiet and reserved; but when she discovered her love of animation, her drive to learn more about the world of film pulled her out of her old comfort zone.

That was five years ago, and Tanice has continued to grow as an animator and artist with the help of her friends and mentors at Quickdraw Animation Society and her support workers in the PACE program. 2011 was a particularly exciting year for Tanice as people really started to take notice of all of her hard work. Being invited as a nominee to the Oska Bright Film Festival is an honour that shows how Tanice’s efforts have thrust her onto the international stage of accomplished filmmakers. When asked about how it feels to be welcomed into such a distinguished group, Tanice remains humble: “I watched many interesting and enjoyable films and animations during the three day festival. The two animations that I was up against were strong competitors. After watching the two other films in my category I thought, ‘there goes my animation down the loo!’” Despite her doubts, on the night of the Award Ceremony when they announced the Best Animation Award catagory, Tanice wound up being the winner!

Tanice also received an Award of Excellence at the DDRC’s annual Inclusion Awards Gala earlier in 2011. She says “No matter how many times I may win, the butterflies will never settle.” When the excitement of the awards was over, she roamed around Brighton and London for a few days before returning to Canada. Although some people might regret having to return to regular life after such a trip, Tanice said “it was an awesome experience for sure, but as the old saying goes, 'there's no place like home.'”

To see Tanice's award winning film, “From the Nature's Eye of Things,” please visit her YouTube page.